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Error messages

"Command line option syntax error"
"There is no speech output library installed"
"The macro cannot be found or has been deactivated because of your macro protection settings"
"One or more Visual Basic applications are running"
"It is not possible to write into the dictionary"
" Unable to determine the source path for the dictionaries"
"License-code required"
"I cannot find the dictionary..."
"Illegal function call"
"Runtime error 40.000"
"Runtime error 50.003"
"Unsupported dictionary" in Foreign language tutor
"Stop statement encountered"
"Unexpected Setup error: File not found"
Windows Installer asks for a MSI file on program startup
"wrong version of run-time DLL"
"Access violation while copying a file"
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Limited user rights
Notes and installation instructions for the speech output
The speech output does not work for all users of the computer
The program does not accept the license-code from the invoice. Is it wrong?
The Translator toolbar in Word is visible twice
How can I uninstall previous releases of the program?
Scrolling the dictionary does not work correctly
The Word macro reports an error regarding the clipboard
Dictionary damaged after 'defragmenting' the hard disk
The setup program is stuck in an infinite loop
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Information on network usage
Configuring the program for network usage
Notes on Windows Vista
Downloading the program again
Web translator: Browser activation
Are there special dictionaries for the program?
Notes on Windows XP
Notes on Windows 2000
Selling the program or passing it to others
Is there a floppy disk edition?
"Euro compatibility"
Year 2000 compatibility
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Installing additional dictionaries
Guide to automated network setup
Network configuration with Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS)
Network configuration with SMS: variant 1
Network configuration with SMS: variant 2
Integration of free updates into network installation packages
How to take changes to the dictionary into a new version
Assigning hotkeys to the Word macro functions
How to run the Translator with Windows automatically
How to run the program with command line parameters
Preventing the Autorun program from appearing
Using the satisfaction guarantee
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