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Article base data

This is the base data for our products:


MZ-WinTranslator V19, English/German

  • Title: MZ-WinTranslator V19, English/German
  • Article number: 13025
  • EAN: 4260144130254
  • ASIN: not yet known
  • Price: 99.00 EUR incl. VAT


MZ-WinTranslator V19, Engl./Fren./Span./Ital.

  • Title: MZ-WinTranslator V19, English French Spanish Italian
  • Article number: 13032
  • EAN: 4260144130322
  • ASIN: not yet known
  • Price: 199.00 EUR incl. VAT


If you are interested to add more of the available language combinations to your product range, please contact us to receive our full product list.

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