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10 reasons for the Translator

If you answer some of the following questions with "yes", you should think about buying our translation program:

  1. Did you learn German at school but nevertheless do not know all words appearing in German texts?
  2. Do you have German applications on your PC which you do not fully understand or in which you would like to look up words quickly and easily?
  3. Do you surf German Internet pages and do not always understand the meaning of the texts?
  4. Do you sometimes have to write texts in foreign languages and need to look up words?
  5. Would it be useful for you to have an easy-to-use extension for your word processor to search words and translate texts?
  6. Do you have a printed dictionary with about 200,000 entries which does not contain all words you are searching for?
  7. Do you want sophisticated and thought-out programs which are no longer in the beta phase but however do not cost much?
  8. Do you want to be able to modify and enhance your (electronic) dictionary quickly and easily?
  9. Do you dislike freeware dictionaries because of the fact that you are only able to translate single words and that many terms are missing?
  10. Do you want to keep your applications up-to-date and are annoyed because of the high prices for updates?

If yes, MZ-WinTranslator is exactly the right program for you. Why don't you download the free trial version from the Internet and try the program?


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