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Integration in other programs

There are two ways to use the Translator: The classic variant to load a text in the Translator and translate it there, and the possibility to use MZ-WinTranslator as an always available reference book - even directly in other programs. This means: You are able to translate everything which can be selected in a Windows program.

So MZ-WinTranslator is a translation program with an integrated pop-up dictionary; not only for single words but even for whole sentences, sentence fragments and entire texts.

Integration for: Internet browsers | Microsoft Office

Translate directly in any program - using the Universal translator

Our answer to reference books for single words: The Universal translator as fixed part of MZ-WinTranslator

  • Translates words, sentences, phrases and entire texts after selecting them in a Windows program
  • Simply click the Lightning icon to start the translation. The program automatically detects whether it is a single word, a phrase, text, etc.
  • Direct access to the Translator dictionary to search for words
  • If desired: Insert displayed translations entirely or partly into another program
  • Speech output to let the program read texts in other programs, translations and dictionary entries aloud
Universal translator
Several comfort functions and settings make it easy to use:
  • Automatic window size adaption for the current situation:
    Dynamic window enlargement to optimally display the translation (size can be defined individually). Otherwise: only a small toolbar visible
  • Dictionary language direction:
    Recognizable at a glance via flags; switchable via mouse click
  • Additional program functions accessible via hotkey:
    The 'Edit dictionary entries' and 'Enhanced dictionary lookup' functions are also available directly in the Universal translator.
  • Settings:
    Font type and size for the translation display customizable according to your wishes

Try on your own:
Use the free trial version to test the Universal translator!

Web translator: For Internet pages

The Web translator has been designed to translate Internet pages. It allows you to do the following directly in your favourite browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera)

  • Translate entire Web pages (page layout, images, hyperlinks etc. still work afterwards),
  • translate parts of an Internet page (one or more sentences or several words) and
  • search for words in the Translator dictionary
  • HTML pages can also be translated if they are on hard disk, CD-ROM, floppy disk or in a network.
  • Supports the most recent versions (Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9, Netscape 8.1) as well
  • new Speech output to make them program read web pages aloud
Web translator

Microsoft Office integration

A special interface allows you to do the following in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Publisher:

  • translate an entire document (layout, tables, images, etc. remain untouched),
  • translate parts of a document,
  • lookup the translations of a word in the dictionary
  • insert a displayed translation into the document by simply clicking it
  • editing and enhancing the Translator dictionary
  • Office 2007 System compatible
  • new Speech output to make the program read Office documents aloud
Word toolbar

Supported Office versions:

  2000 XP 2003 2007
Publisher YesYesYes
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