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Things only our program offers

No matter how much you might be willing to pay - our translation program is the only one offering the following:

  • English/German/English dictionary with more than 3,058,000 (in words: three million) entries (1 entry = vocable + associated translations)
  • Translation program, dictionary, foreign language tutor, letter construction kit, and speech output combined in one single application
  • Support for all browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera)
  • Enhanced dictionary search with automatic modification of the search term (prefixes, endings, ...) – more than 100 search processes will be performed
  • Intelligent, interactive dialog mode
  • Fully automatic translation in the background; It is possible to read the translated text while the rest is still being translated
  • No practical limit for extending the dictionaries, compressed data format and extremely fast search
  • Dictionary search by simply selecting the respective text in the source text window
  • Quick installation (fully automatic installation with only one single mouse click)
  • Satisfaction guarantee (right to return the program within 14 days after purchase date)
  • Everything at a sensational price; update prices beginning at 12.75 EUR (incl. VAT, plus shipping); network ready without further costs

Try on your own - using our free trial version and our satisfaction guarantee when buying the full version.


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