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If you consider the power of MZ-WinTranslator, you will surely agree that it has an extra-ordinary price/quality ratio. Compare on your own: Other programs currently cost 249.- to 798.- EUR!

Please refer to the following table for the current pricing for MZ-WinTranslator:

Description Price Coins
Full version (incl. English<=>German dictionaries) 74.00 EUR
Additional French<=>German dictionaries 35.00 EUR
Additional Spanish<=>German dictionaries 35.00 EUR
Additional Italian<=>German dictionaries 30.00 EUR

For customers within the EU the prices listed above are end prices including the value added tax (VAT) and other price components. For customers outside the EU the prices are the prices to be paid to us. Depending on the country, it might be necessary to pay import duties.

Please see the following list for the shipping costs:

Shipping costs for delivery to Germany 3.60 EUR
Shipping costs for delivery to Europe 5.20 EUR
Shipping costs for delivery to another country 10.40 EUR

Users of a full version have the possibility to get future updates to a new program version at a special price (currently beginning at only 12.75 EUR), as it is usual since many years. Updates are also possible for older previous versions, so you even do not have to buy every update.

If you find another product with a bigger electronic vocabulary, we will return the purchase price to you!


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