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Foreign language tutor

MZ-WinTranslator contains a foreign language tutor which allows you to learn vocables and phrases. The respective terms/phrases can be taken from the dictionary or entered manually.

The foreign language tutor uses a system for dyslexic persons based on a card box with five trays. The learning process starts in the first, smallest tray and puts all known terms into the next tray. Unknown terms return to the first tray. If you knew the terms from the last tray, it is highly probable that the learning contents has been saved in the brain.

Choose between written and oral learning. This means that you either type the correct solution or decide on your own between 'known' and 'unknown' after looking at the right answer.

A detailed manual describes the concept of the foreign language tutor and introduces the usage. Each learning phase is followed by a statistical evaluation of the result. Smiley

The trainer is equipped with a modern user interface. It is possible to backup and restore your card boxes in a comfortable way. A default card box can be automatically opened upon program startup.

The integrated print function allows you to print your vocables as a list and take them with you. Activate the random generator to make the program query the vocables in a random order. You may also make the program read all vocables aloud using the speech output.


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