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Using the dictionary

A translation program is of course only as good as its dictionaries

  • The dictionary is visible and available at any time; it can be changed at any time
  • Lightning-fast dictionary search (one mouse click is enough)
  • Available language directions and dictionary sizes
  • Enhanced dictionary lookup to find words in context
    • the program automatically searches for modifications of the search term (other endings, prefixes, etc.)
  • Newly added vocables are available immediately after saving them. It is not necessary to restart the translation as new entries will be considered already for the next sentence.
  • Compact dictionary format (approx. 50% saving in comparison to a plain text file)
  • Dictionary update via Internet possible: More information
  • The dictionary sizes and the number of dictionaries are only limited by the space of your computer
  • The dictionary display can be customized. It is e.g. possible to set the arrangement of the vocable and the translation part (tiled horizontally, tiled vertically, combined) and to use different fonts and font sizes for each of the two parts.
  • The Universal translator allows you to access the dictionary at any time. Only a small toolbar is visible on screen, and words and sentences from other programs will be translated with only one mouse click.
  • MZ-WinTranslator is clearly superior than any other dictionary (printed or electronic).


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