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Download trial version

The free trial version allows you to test MZ-WinTranslator V24.

There is no limitation in comparison to the full version. The period of use is limited up to 30 days.

It is necessary to agree to all parts of the license conditions prior to downloading the trial version. If you do not agree to the license conditions, you are not allowed to use the program. The license conditions can be found at the bottom of this page. They will also be displayed by the setup program.

Download the files

Installation: Download 'v24ed.exe' and run it. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Please see the notes below (especially if you encounter problems)!

There is no other dictionary available for the trial version. Click here for a list of the available language directions for the full version.

Base files and dictionary:    
v24ed.exe (74 MB)

We recommend to use a download manager which allows you to resume interrupted or incomplete downloads. Errors when running the archive, e.g. CRC errors, are caused by bad Internet connections and will be avoided by download managers.

Estimated download times:

Connection: Base files and
Speech output:
DSL (300 KB/s): 2 minutes 30 seconds
DSL (100 KB/s): 4 minutes 2 minutes
ISDN (7 KB/s): 50 minutes 21 minutes
Modem (4 KB/s): 1 hour 45 minutes 37 minutes

License conditions

1. For the registered version (full version)

1.1 This program and all of its files are copyrighted, among others based on the established copyright law in the Federal Republic of Germany and international contracts. The licensor and owner of all the rights in this program, the company Holtschke GmbH, D-33775 Versmold, explicitly reserves all rights. As far as denotations such as trial version, full version, registered version, freeware or shareware are used, exclusively the definitions named in these license conditions are effective. Use of the program and its files is only possible under these license conditions. Any infringements that come to light will result in civil action being taken.

1.2 Also the dictionary files are, because of the team work of the figures of speech and groups of words in connection with an automatic translation, a work within the meaning of the copyright and may be copied by no means - except for own backup purposes. An inadmissible distribution - also from part files with more than 20 entries of the dictionary - will result in judicial persecution! The price of the licensed version is therefore in no relation to the risk which you yield by an illegal distribution.

1.3 The licensee acquires a non-exclusive user's license for the translation program and its files. It is prohibited to the licensee to hire or to lend the program, to use it or let it use for test purposes, and to publish or let publish the test results, unless the Holtschke GmbH explained their written approval. For the case of contravention you have to pay a contractual penalty of 10,000.00 EUR to the licensor.

1.4 The program is ready to be used in networks and may be utilized within a network without any limitation.

1.5 We, the Holtschke GmbH, Versmold, as licensor, are liable for damage originated by a faulty version of the program, as it can be proved, at the most with the price paid by the licensee. Any claims extending beyond this are explicitly excluded.

1.6 The licensee of a registered full version acquires the right to purchase a possibly extended or improved version of the program within the bounds of an update service at a special price.

2. For the trial version (shareware) is valid divergent and supplementary:

2.1 The program and the files belonging to it may not be changed in any way. Likewise, no files may be added or removed.

2.2 The period of use is limited up to 60 days.

2.3 The trial version may only be copied in its entirety and be passed by private persons. A commercial distribution of the trial version is only allowed to those distributors who got the version directly from us with the belonging distribution allowance. This is particularly valid also for the distribution on CD-ROM.

2.4 The maximum sale price for the trial version is 6.00 EUR. Higher sale prices require our written agreement.

2.5 Only under the conditions of the paragraphs 2.3 and 2.4 we waive an emolument for the distribution of our software by third parties. For all other cases you have to pay an amount of 25.00 EUR per driven-out copy (medium) to us as licensor.

2.6 Definitions
In contrast to freeware, (programs which are under the copyright of the licensor and are released for copying after his orders), shareware designates programs which may be tested after the orders of the licensor without the need to purchase the right to use the program at once (trial-before-purchase-system). Shareware stands under the copyright of the licensor who is the owner of all the rights in the program. If you want to use a shareware program by exceeding the licensor's trial conditions, you are required to obtain the right to use this program (registration, purchase of the full version).

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