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What's new?

A list of news and changes is available at the end of this page.

The main focus when developing the new version 24 was on improving the translation quality and the dictionaries. More than 40,000 new entries and more than 61,000 changes and 45,000 new comments for controlling the translation have been added to the English/German and German/English dictionaries.

Several program functions have been strongly improved as well.

The application has been modified to work under Windows 10 very well

This was done by modification of the universal translator and the Web translator to match the new conditions under Windows 10.

Check List of news and improvements:

  • The English<=>German dictionaries now contain over 3,276,000 (three million) vocables and phrases and the corresponding translations. In comparison to the previous release, over 61,000 changes and over 40,000 new entries and over 45,000 new comments have been added. The dictionaries now contain more than 1,414,000 comments.
  • Numerous improvements on translation algorithm and the place holders paragraphs improve the translations
  • The Web translator works now also with the new Windows 10 browser "Microsoft Edge" (Spartan).
  • The buttons of the universal translator and Web translator in the title bar, to minimise and maximize the App, have been removed, because under Windows 10 they were annoying big.
  • Now the USB stick always requires administration rights to fix the problems with the Windows Registry.
  • Color for text analysis: The color coding of the used vocabulary entries has been enhanced and optimized.
  • There is now also a prompt, if you want to load a *.DOCX file (Word 2007 or higher).
  • Some minor corrections and changes.


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