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User interface

The user interface of MZ-WinTranslator has been continually improved and offers nearly any comfort now. No other program can be adjusted in such an easy and universal way. Many enthusiastic users confirmed this.

  • The program completely adapts the design of your Windows version (98, ME, 2000, Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista)
  • The program surface can be customized to meet nearly any of your requirements. Change the window sizes and positions, the default fonts and font sizes (for source text, translation, dictionary (separate fonts for vocable and translation parts possible) and Uni/Web translator), the initial dictionary, the default paths, the dictionary display, and many other options.
  • The optimized window layout allows a better usage of the available space on your screen. The source text and the translation window are combined now, so only one of the texts is visible at one time. The space saved for the hidden text allows it to display more text at the same time.
  • The surface can be switched to other languages. German is included; other languages can be added via language files.
  • Setup wizard guiding you through the first steps and making the configuration faster.
  • Specific emphasis was placed on making the frequently used functions comfortable and easy to use, e.g.:
    • Translate: start it with only one mouse click; automatic subject area recognition
    • Search for vocable: dictionary search immediately after typing the first character
    • Edit dictionary entries: Background spell checker, check for new German spelling in the background
    • Load source text: the program automatically suggests the last directory and file name, automatic file type recognition, background file load
  • The load, save, and print functions use the common Windows dialogs to make it easier for you.
  • All customizable settings will be saved automatically when you close the program.

See the Screenshots page to get a first impression of the user interface.


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