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Translate texts

Read and edit the translated text even if the translation is still running

If you start a translation, the translated text will be written by and by into the translation window. Some time later, the translated text will no longer fit into the window. In contrary to previous versions, the further text will be invisibly added at the end of the text while you are already able to read or edit the text. It is of course possible to scroll up and down. So you do not have to wait until the entire text has been translated.

The translation will be interrupted automatically if you modify the text or select something, and it will be resumed later. In older previous versions of the program, you had to wait until the translation has finished, as it was only possible to see how the new text is added at the end of the text. Now, if you also use the new window layout, it is quite easy to read and edit the text during a running translation.

Resume translations later

The "Resumption" feature allows you to interrupt the translation of a text at any position and resume it at a later time at the same position. The program saves up to 10 source texts and the respective translations. Select the desired text by mouse click and edit it later. It is even not necessary to have the original source text as a file on your PC, as the program automatically saves all required data into the program directory and later loads it from there.

Translation technology

Thanks to the consistent further development since V10.1, the current MZ-WinTranslator version contains a unique translation technology, which is still under further development.

The huge dictionary is the basis for this technology. So-called comments contain additional information to the single words and phrases (comments are e.g. ¤pl or ¤adS). The integrated functions evaluate these comments. This enables the program to do e.g. the following:

  • Automatically correct the sentence order when translating from English to German
  • Correctly translate ambiguous vocables using knowledge comments (special additional information to a certain translation in the dictionary)
  • Conjugate words
  • Consider word genders
  • Consider singular and plural
  • Special treatment for beginning/end of a sentence and headlines
  • Recognition of proper names
  • Different conjugations according to the subject area; automatic subject area recognition and switching
  • Automatic generation of entries which are not in the dictionary
  • Automatic conversion of numbers, dates, years, and money amounts
  • Generation of composed nouns
  • Correct usage of commas
  • and much more

This technology allows, in addition to extremely improved translations, a direct connection between the comments and the result. Enhancements and corrections are quite easy.


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